Turing Tumble programming workshops in the UK

Turing Tumble programming workshops in the UK

The perfect introduction to programming with hands-on computers powered by marbles!

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New for 2019!

Turing Tumbles are marble-powered computers (yes, really! Check them out here), and provide a tactile way of introducing children at both primary school and secondary school. Turing Tumble workshops are designed for 20 attendees per session, with the minimum introductory session recommended to be 2 hours.

These Turing Tumble programming workshops introduce participants to the idea of logic and the basic building blocks of computer programming. The Turing Tumbles are deceivingly simple, and yet are able to perform many operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, pattern creation, counting in binary and much more.

These also provide ideal workshops for museums and libraries looking for a unique activity for their visitors!

Turing Tumble workshops are coming in October 2019.