LEGO tower building workshops

LEGO® tower building workshop

How high can you go? Build LEGO towers as high as you can. Plenty of room for twists on this old classic!

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LEGO tower building workshops combine the irresistible LEGO brick and a competitive element for a fun-filled hour activity for your school or museum.

Starting with a simple tower-building task, participants are asked to build the tallest tower they’re able to from the parts provided. Once each team’s tower is measured and a winner declared, the challenges increase in their difficulty, testing their ability to work together as a team and work to deadlines, alongside the STEM learning benefits.

Ideal for both museums and schools, these workshops are suitable for participants of ages 5+, and can be combined with our LEGO bridge building workshops for a more challenging activity.

LEGO hire required for the activity is included in the workshop cost.