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LEGO® Robots Battling Bots Workshop

Battle it out in teams with LEGO robots.

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Our Battling Bots LEGO robots workshop pits LEGO robots against each other in a sumo arena. Customise your LEGO® robot and battle it out with competing teams to drive your opponents out of the arena.  Can you push your competitors out of the robot arena or immobilise them to win glory for your team?

Develop your team’s robot under the guidance of an experienced facilitator and pit your skills against others, driving your remote-controlled robot to victory with plenty of crashing and carnage along the way!

One of many of our LEGO workshops available for schools and museums; we’re happy to discuss how this format might work for your school or museum – please do get in touch.

Suitable for children 6+. If you’re looking for a slower paced LEGO robot workshop, try our LEGO robots assault course workshop!