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LEGO® pull-back race cars workshop

Who will be first across the finish line? Create your own custom drag car with a LEGO pull-back motor and compete in heats to become #1.

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Our LEGO pull-back race car workshops are really popular with museum guests and primary schools.

Each participant is given time to build their own drag racer on top of a LEGO pull-back motor. With a variety of tyres and wheels to experiment with, this is a great activity to allow participants to explore different options and refine their vehicles before the race heats begin.

The surprisingly powerful LEGO motors propel the cars (and helicopters, because there’s always a helicopter!) across the floor to the finish line. The workshop can accommodate up to 30 participants per session, with each child (or adult!) able to enter at least one race. There’s plenty of building time before the races, which creates a lot of excitement – this workshop tends to work best in a school hall or sports hall with wooden or un-carpeted flooring.

LEGO hire is included in the cost of this workshop, with a specially selected range of wheels and tyres also provided for the duration of the workshop.