LEGO catapults workshop – Brick Ballistas

LEGO catapults workshop – Brick Ballistas

Build your own catapults and ballistas from LEGO bricks in this fun-packed activity.

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Learn about a range of ancient artillery from catapults to ballistas, and trebuchets to mangonels (requires whiteboard / chalkboard). And then, the best bit – try your hand at building them yourself from LEGO bricks! Compete in teams to hit the targets with your brick-built mechanisms and take the glory home with you – with a lot of happy memories!

Brick Ballistas brings this LEGO-based workshop with exciting, hands-on learning and a pace that can be tailored to suit the age and abilities of your museum visitors or school pupils, and to match specific exhibits your museum may have in its collection.

Bring some LEGO creativity and critical thinking to your venue or school with our LEGO catapults workshop – a great STEM-based activity with historical crossovers.

LEGO hire costs are included in all of our LEGO workshops. Facilitators are all DBS checked, and experienced in working with schools, museums and cultural venues.