LEGO balloon car workshop

LEGO balloon car workshop

Excite your classroom or museum visitors with this hands-on activity: build balloon-powered cars from LEGO bricks!

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Grab a pile of LEGO bricks and start building your balloon-powered race car!

This LEGO balloon car workshop is a great activity to create excitement and engagement in your school or museum! Chose your chassis, wheels and cockpit, and see if you can beat the record for the distance travelled by a balloon-powered car!

Balloon cars are a great way of introducing the concept of forces to your school pupils and museum visitors – and this hands-on workshop can help develop their understanding of science fundamentals

All of our LEGO workshops can be tailored to your venue and the ability of your pupils or museum visitors. The balloon cars activity works best in a school hall or larger event space, much like our pullback LEGO racers workshop.

This workshop may not be suitable for children or participants with silicon allergies: please contact us to discuss your requirements.