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Introduction to web design – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Learn all about styling web content - a great introduction to pratical website design.

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Our introduction to CSS workshop is designed for schools as an taster of building a web page.

The web industry is an ever-changing sector, but the very basic fundamentals haven’t changed a great deal. This introduction to CSS for schools (and its sister course, Introduction to HTML and museums guides participants to the fundamentals of CSS – Cascading Style Sheets – the foundation of design for web pages to this day  

This course covers an introduction to the web and how it works, with a mind on practical skills and focuses on participants styling a simple web page  

Recommmended class size is kept to a minimum to ensure all pupils or participants make the most of the workshop, whatever their pace of learning. In some circumstances we can increase the number of participants involved in sessions.

Minimum participant to computer / laptop ratio for this introductory CSS web design course is 1 laptop per 2 participants, to be provided by the venue (subject to some minimum restrictions).

Our CSS workshop is facilitated by an experienced web designer with years of commercial experience – a great mix of new skills for life, and theoretical content to suit learners of many styles.