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Our best LEGO workshops for libraries

Libraries have a reputation for being places for quiet contemplation and study, but Play Do Learn know differently – they’re often community hubs providing a range of services and activities for local residents.

We’ve worked with a variety of libraries across the U.K. to deliver STEM and LEGO workshops, and here are our favourite ideas for LEGO activities in libraries we’ve delivered so far!

LEGO drag race cars workshop

A great activity for younger children (4 years plus), our pull-back LEGO motors allow little hands to build their own race car and race them against others. A true family activity, there’s room for parents and guardians to get involved too, helping their child to build and refine their car before the racing starts.

LEGO towers and bridges workshop

This one is great for budding engineers – fast-paced challenges which can run as individual or group tasks. Teams are challenged to build the tallest free-standing tower from LEGO parts, and then to build the longest spanning bridge they can. The latter challenge is much harder than it sounds, and makes a great, interactive activity for children and adults alike.

This workshop can be tailored for a range of age ranges, making activities faster paced and challenges more difficult for older age groups

Build your favourite book in LEGO bricks

Our third workshop recommendation for libraries is building your favourite book in LEGO parts; this can be a presentation of a book title, a famous (or infamous!) scene from a book, or even a character.

A great activity all year round, this works particularly well in celebration of World Book Day!

How our workshops work

Workshops are typically hour long sessions for up to 30 children at a time. Our facilitator will introduce the topic of building, and get involved with your library visitors to help them achieve what they need to build. We aim to make our workshops accessible to all, and can adapt most activities to a wide range of visitor needs and requirements.

Book a workshop for your library

All of the Play Do Learn LEGO workshops include LEGO hire suitable for the event, as well as our travel and accommodation costs (where required) – easy!